The Gaffer Girls Frit Blends

Suddenly becoming the owner of a variety of fabulous frit blends, can turn any lampworker into a mass of indecision. Where does one start when confronted by all of this delicious glassy goodness?

Being of the inquisitive kind I decided that before trying them out on beads, I would make paddles. There is a first time for everything! (a planned course of action is not usually my forte!)

There I sat patiently balling up glass on a the end of rod of clear & dipping once or twice into the frit before flattening it, resisting all temptation to rush off in another direction & make beads when I discovered a blend that I really loved.

Yum, yum, yum!
Take a look. They are all named & if you click on the images to get the bigger version they will be easier to read.

Now I am not a pink person..... usually. But the pink & purple based blends just called me.

First Bloom Frit Blend, Chameleon base - G114 Purple Stringer

Blush Frit blend, Clear base - G113 Heliotrope Stringer

We'd love to hear from you with any color combinations you have tried - or any ideas for combinations using these frit blends.